How to make the most of your time - for work and private life!


The answer lies in using time, which is available to everyone equally. So the so-called time management is not at all about trying to increase your time. This is not possible anyway. It's about learning how to make the most of your time.

Make optimal use of time? A viable way!

Certainly there can be phases in which you feel that time is running out and not enough for what you want to do in the day. However, these are usually short episodes that can be attributed to the fact that you are not (yet) able to make the most of your time. There can be various reasons for this - maybe you are still getting used to it, a new project has just started or you have got a new team member that you initially have to look after more closely than the old hands. All of this takes more time than established processes.

It is important, however, that these phases really only remain temporary phases. If this is not the case and you constantly feel that you are rotating, you should definitely question this. Because then there are two options: Either your time management is not good enough or the workload is simply too high and therefore not possible at all in the available time.

Improve scheduling? This is how you succeed!

There are many ways to improve your time management. They know tricks like: Write down in the morning what you have achieved in the evening, plan enough variety during work, take quiet hours in between and learn to say "No" often.

However, if you have the feeling that the success will still not materialize, you have to take a holistic view of your time management - that is, you shouldn't separate private work from work.